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Teaching Art of Stepping™ & Dance by aosMATH & aosARTS


AOS is a privately held educational services firm that provides curriculum, educational & enrichment STEAM focused programs under the Remo & AOS brands, developed by our founder Jessica “Remo” Saul.  AOS programs are award winning, copyrighted & trademarked. AOS programs combine Arts, Mathematics & Technology all in one!

AOS programs mainly help academicians, educators, parents and program participants get excited about STEAM learning by teaching them how to create & perform their own personalized Step & Dance choreography through our proprietary aosMATH (written mathematical codes) and aosARTS (exclusive STEAM instructional Beta mobile app).

AOS has taken learning the Arts to a new level by giving it a new language, aosCHAT, making AOS the only program that does this and an expert! Go to About Us to learn more.

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Beta (Demo) Mobile App Coming Soon!

Coming soon to the Android Google Play and Apple iStore! Stay tuned so you don’t miss out! Get ready for the AOS Beta (Demo) mobile app game as it brings to life the step & dance moves you see & perform each day, conveniently in the palm of your hand! This mobile app game, currently in a Beta / Demo phase,…

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