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Teaching the Art of Stepping™ through Mathematical Formulas


AOS is a privately held educational services firm that provides curriculum, educational & enrichment STEM/STEAM focused programs under the Remo & AOS brands, developed by our founder Jessica “Remo” Saul.  AOS programs are award winning, copyrighted & trademarked. AOS programs combine Arts, Mathematics & Technology all in one!

AOS programs mainly help academicians, educators, parents and program participants get excited about STEM/STEAM learning by teaching them how to create & perform their own personalized Step/Dance choreography through written codes in mathematical connotation with the help of our educational AOS Beta mobile app.

AOS has taken learning the Arts to a new level by giving it a new language! AOS is the only program that does this, making us the expert! Go to About Us to learn more.

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7th Annual HUIC – 2017 STEM/STEAM Conference

  AOS selected to present a workshop at the 7th Annual Hawaii University International 2017 STEM/STEAM Conference during the week of June 5, 2017 – June 10, 2017.  The Hawaii Education and STEAM Conference promotes an academia well versed in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Education which is a key portion of the public education agenda of the…

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