Teaching the Art of Stepping™ through Mathematical Formulas

About AOS

Art of Stepping

Art of Stepping (“AOS”) operates as the d/b/a (doing business as) of Remo System Inc. Art of Stepping is a for profit educational services firm that is separate and unaffiliated with The Art of Stepping Foundation ( a charitable 501c3). Under the Remo and Art of Stepping brands Jessica “aka Remo” Saul  has trademarked and copyrighted her stepping & dance programs. Mrs. Saul is the founder & sole creator of the AOS & Remo System programs. She created these programs due to her passion & love for the Arts & Education.

Art of Stepping is the first program and service in the nation that provides the Arts & Mathematics through the “Stepping & Dance” art forms with an emphasis on assisting in the fight against childhood obesity while ensuring its programs remain affordable & sustainable. Moreover, AOS has a niche is serving  primarily under-served markets and enjoys giving back to communities.

Art of Stepping promotes artistic expression in conjunction with mathematics to creatively stimulate the minds of our youth. More importantly, AOS is a K-12 curriculum based program that incorporates mathematical formulas and the art form of Stepping.  The latter, will ultimately provide program participants that ability to write codes in mathematical connotation that will give them the ability to perform and create their own personalized choreography (stepping or dance).  AOS has taken learning arts to a new level. AOS has given it a new language in the form of math codes that anyone can easily learn and have fun.

Art of Stepping and the Remo System have been proven to increase fitness levels and provide educational enrichment around mathematics, both of which are critical activities for our youth. AOS is dedicated to its participants, provides a unique teaching style and encourages respect & discipline.  The aforementioned is evidenced by AOS serving over 10,000 participants since its inception in 2006 and being the proud recipient of the following prestigious awards:

  • White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics – Bright Spots in Hispanic Education (2015)
  • President Obama & Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (2010)

Art of Stepping is proud to be a 50% minority-woman owned business that operates out of New York with its headquarters in the Bronx, NY and an office space in the vibrant Mid-Town section of Manhattan. AOS is excited  to encourage and promote a world that becomes more health conscious & active within its communities. Moreover, AOS hopes to see more communities overtime have access to enrichment  programs like ours.

Art of Stepping Divisions

  • After School Program -  K-12 curriculum based program that incorporates mathematical formulas and the art form of Stepping.
  • Events – Signature events created to provide a platform for our after-school program participants and Professional Step Team members to compete and exhibit. AOS events promote our artistry, but more importantly our encouragement of healthier living and uplifting communities.
  • Professional Step Team - AOS has established local, membership based, Professional Step Teams throughout the nation to assist in educating, enhancing & promoting the Art of Stepping and Remo programs & brands.

Art of Stepping Principles

Art of Stepping has created and implemented six (6) key principles to assist with the instruction of the core fundamentals of stepping.

  1. Precision: Accuracy and sharpness when defining beats
  2. Voice Clarity: Clear vocal projection and comprehension when speaking to and/or addressing the audience
  3. Synchronization: Full team participant uniformity and organization to perform precisely at the same time
  4. Transition and Counts: Beats and counts are the “must have” to form a routine
  5. Energy: Simply put, “active working” by & among all participant
  6. Strength: Possession of mental & physical (body) power

Art of Stepping Core Values

Art of Stepping has created and implemented six (6) core values for all to embrace and follow.

  1. Stepping: Overview and history of stepping as it relates to the Latino and African American heritage. Moreover, learning how to step, participants will be given the opportunity to create their own choreography.
  2. Responsibility: What AOS teaches as critical to one’s success in life. AOS curriculum teaches ownership of the program, the steps and the progress made by each participant.
  3. Creativity: The expression of what’s in the hearts and minds of AOS participants. This mindset allows participants to be responsible for creating a unique theme at each performance.
  4. Friendships: Respecting one another and establishing solid bonds in the form of true friendship is key to the development of an AOS participant. AOS provides an outlet diversity where participants are exposed to different cultures, nationalities, religions, etc. which create a more tolerant community and the development of building better relationships/friendships.
  5. Dedication: Dedication is key to success. As the students excel in the program, they will be challenged to create a routine by a deadline. In order to achieve this challenge, participants will have to be committed to making the best routine possible within the time allotted.
  6. Original Choreography: AOS and the REMO system provide the opportunity for program participants and professional step team members to create original choreography. The goal is to set the standard for this art form by encouraging original, innovative and cutting-edge routines that set our participant and Pro members apart.