AOS At A Glance

What Sets Us Apart, By the Numbers

  • We serve clients and provide program services in all 50 U.S. States 
  • We serve more than 40 clients (and growing) in the Education and Sports Industries
  • Of our top 25 clients 20 have worked with us for greater than 4 years
  • Around 86% of our workforce is classified as racially diverse – Diversity OUTPERFORMS Non-Diversity!
  • AOS has made consecutive appearances at Nickelodeon’s World Wide Day of Play
  • AOS has received 2 Presidential Awards under President Obama and performed on the White House Lawn & the Elipse 
  • Our program has more than 2,500 New & Recurring participants annually
  • We have over 5 clients (after school programs) each year perform at the NBA Brooklyn Nets “Prime-Time” Performance
  • We have a 96% completion rate of those who enroll in our programs
  • Our annual participant showcase has more than 10 schools compete and more than 300 spectators in attendance

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