Teaching the Art of Stepping™ through Mathematical Formulas

AOS Launches Summer Stepping & Dance Series

Posted on: March 6th, 2017

SummerSteppinSeriesArt of Stepping is excited to announce the launch of our Summer Stepping and Dance Series! Our goal is to continue our excellent programming throughout the summer in a fun an innovative way offering various classes for adults and students. Registered students will receive their camp guidelines and camp shirts which they will utilize throughout the summer.  In addition, we have invited some of the nations leading dance professionals throughout the country to partake in the summer of excitement and fun with one goal: GET ACTIVE.  Classes will consist of the following:

Aerobics: Get ready for the blood pumping and the body moving as we will warm you up each class that will focus on stretch, endurance, and core strength to get our days started.

Hip Hop: An art form that started as a cultural movement in the South Bronx, hip hop is now known for its lively and funky dance move to sick beats. It was form of dance that occurred organically with no formal training. Now we’re bringing this this street style dance to the classroom with its rich history and its awesome dance moves.

Stepping: An art form where your body is used to create sound, we see stepping take place all over the world. Using the body as an instrument to produce rhythms and sounds, stepping has historically been used as a form of communication and a stand in for the absence of drums. The Art of Stepping teaches this art form through the REMO system, which uses mathematical formulas to teach step. Campers will learn the basic code system to create original creativity.

Are you excited yet? Upon completion of the class, all participants will perform in a showcase to demonstrate what they have learned. Below is a list of classes and locations we will be teaching.

Starting July 10 – August 3 – $250.00 for 4 week program from 9:00am – 2:00pm

Location: 216 East 96th Street (New York) – Partnership with YMCA

Information: From ages 12 & Up unless you have been part of our existing program.

Classes Available: Aerobics, Hip Hop and Step

To register contact SummerSeries@ArtofStepping.com