Teaching the Art of Stepping™ through Mathematical Formulas

AOS Student/School of the Month

In an effort to continue supporting and guiding our students as they pursue excellence in the art of stepping, each month AOS will choose a student from each program/site 225recognized for three principles below:

  • Participation: The student attends assigned practice days regularly however engages with fellow members of the program to help assist them in their growth of the craft.
  • Improvement: Continue to improve on their craft by practicing outside of practice, learning new core fundamentals and also work together.
  • Performance: Continue to strive in becoming great performers by actually performing among their peers.

TEAMWORK: We understand that this is an art form that focuses on working together as a team. We grow, learn and most importantly contribute to the artistic community. Each student is chosen by the AOS Staffer assigned to the site and will be featured on our website and Android & IPhone apps for the Art of Stepping.

In 2016, we decided to implement School of the Mon

HWSuccess Academy – Harlem West
Location: Manhattan, New York
Bio: Harlem West has been Stepping together since first trimester and they have grown into a great team. With only 9 members they are able to work well together and commit to making their shows really good. These students are dedicated and for the most part are never absent unless because of school. They have been trained to pick up on choreography pretty easily and to constantly push through the hard times in class. Without a shadow of a doubt they deserve to be School of the Month not only because they are a great team but because they love and truly enjoy the art form we know as Stepping.
IMG615380416Success Academy – Harlem North Central
Location: Manhattan, New York
Bio: Harlem North Central started off the second trimester on a great note and we are extremely  proud of all three of my classes for stepping up and working so hard at something they have never tried before. Not experience in stepping, we explain what art of stepping is, and the structure of the class and now every single one of my scholars have shown determination and dedication. It is why they have been chosen as a school for their effort.
IMG_1407Soundview Academy For Culture and Scholarship – Alyssa Robles
Location: Bronx, New York
Bio: Since day one she has been on punctual, full of energy, and always willing to give it her all. She’s always a treat to watch, she’s notorious for her “serious” face, which only makes you smirk being pleased. During the performance she was the only student to remember a specific line to say (this gave her a millisecond of a solo). The crowd went wild! Never given us much trouble. Always smiling with such a great spirit! Alyssa Robles definitely deserves to shine.

CobbleHillSuccess Academy – Cobble Hill
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Bio: New to our network, this school as been a driven force in our program thanks to the support from the administrators by ensuring that their scholars attend the zero period class. They work hard to make sure you we have everything we need and the Elective Point Person, Mr. Austin Lahiff makes everything a breeze. His communication is  everything and he always comes in to check on the scholar’s progress. The scholars started the first day of  class knowing a minimal amount of stepping and based on our presentation, but they have shown great interest and are dedicated in perfecting their craft. This is an overall team effort from parents, students and administrators and this is the reason why they have been chosen as School of the Month.



PS333Public School 333 – The Museum School
Name: Amy Vazquez
Grade: 4th
Bio: As demonstrated leadership with her team, helping others when they need it and always being attentive. We have noticed that she gets better after every class and always has a positive attitude. Amy is 11 years old and she from the Bronx. She is in 4th grade and step is one of her favorite classes. What she loves about step is that she can express herself through the beats. Her favorite beat is Bottoms in a box.
SOMAutumnSuccess Academy Harlem West
Name: Autumn Clark
Grade: 7th
Bio: Meet Harlem West student of the month Autumn Clark. Autumn enjoys step because it’s fun and challenging. Autumn is a true leader in the classroom. She helps to set the tone of the class by being prepared and focused. She is dedicated to honing her skills and applies the corrections she is given. As one of the captains of the class she has proven to be responsible and open to helping her classmates improve. Her focus and drive will take her far.



MidtownWestSuccess Academy Midtown West
Name: Lourdes “Elsie” Velasco
Grade: 5th
Bio: With each class, we have noticed she’s always has positive energy and she never gives up even if the steps are hard. She’s come out of her shell and she helps others when they need it. She is 9 years old from Manhattan and step is one of her favorite classes. What she likes about step is that she can mix and match codes together and make beats. Her favorite beat is currently Dre’s Beat.


Success Academy Harlem West
Name: Autumn Clark
Grade: 7th Grade
Bio: Meet Success Academy Harlem West student of the month Autumn Clark. Autumn enjoys step because it’s fun and challenging. Autumn is a true leader in the classroom. She helps to set the tone of the class by being prepared and focused. She is dedicated to honing her skills and applies the corrections she is given. As one of the captains of the class she has proven to be responsible and open to helping her classmates improve. Her focus and drive will take her far.


East Harlem Scholars Academy
Name: Alicia Soto
Grade: 4th
Bio: Her favorite subject is Math because she loves fractions and learning how to tackle complex problems. She loves to practice step in her spare time especially posture and precision of movements. Step brings out the best in her and helps her express her personality. She absolutely loves the program, and looks forward to sticking with step for many years to come.


STUDENT OF THE MONTH – February 2016
PictureHyde Leadership Charter School
Name: Tylar Charles
Grade: 4th
Bio: Tylar is an amazing leader. He always assist me teaching in class. He takes the role for teaching anyone who needs one on one help. He asks so many questions so he can get the routine as accurate as possible. Last but not least he is a prime example of a AOS leader. He always motivate his class to work harder. He ever gives up. He practices all the time. Tylar never has a mind set of only him on stage. He always let his class know that they are a team.


East Harlem Scholars Academy

Name: Ashlee Viteri
Bio: Ashlee is 10 years old and has been with the Art of Stepping for almost 2 years now. She loves to stay active and plays soccer or football whenever she can. But above all of that, she LOVES to step! Ashlee has made one of the largest improvements of any student and has really made a great effort this month, especially when it came to preparing for AOS2S. Her favorite step as of now, is Jasmine beat, and she cannot wait to learn new beats.

Bronx Prep High School

Name: Hawa Jawara
Grade: 9th
Bio: Hawa Jawara is from the United States. The reason she joined AOS is because her passion for step. The reason she likes AOS because there is always something new to learn in step. What she seeks to earn from AOS is to be better educated. Hawa Jawara feels like her coach makes her and her group work hard so that they can do better in stepping.

Bronx River High School

Name: Alliyah Ferguson
Grade: 11th
Bio: Alliyah Ferguson is from Bronx, New York. The reason she joined AOS is because she loves to step and this is something she likes to do for fun. The reason she joined AOS is because she gets to learn new things and loves meeting new people. What she seeks to learn from AOS is how to work with people and think outside the box. Alliyah loves her coach because she feels like her coach gives her and her group a chance to think for themselves.


Girls Prep Lower East Side

Name: Sabrina Santana
Grade: 6th
Bio: Sabrina Santana is from Puerto Rico and grew up on the lower eastside of Manhattan. She was not stepping before joining the AOS program now she has improved enormously and loves what she does.


Success Academy Harlem West
Name: Sierra Lewis
Grade: 6th

Bio: Meet Success Academy Harlem West student of the month Sierra Lewis. Sierra was born and raised in New York, Ny. Her favorite subject in school is math which had helped her to excel in the AOS step program. Sierra enjoys step because it is fun and it has been easy for her to pick up movement.She has been a continuous leader in the class, encouraging her friends to stay focused and pushing the precision of her steps. Whenever she misses class she makes it a priority to learn the material she has missed. Sierra hopes to continue learning advanced beats and improving her skills. She is a pleasure to have in class.


madisonSuccess Academy BedStuy 1

Name: Madison Conner
Grade: 5th

Bio: Madison Conner is in the 5th grade, and she is a ball of fun with lots of energy. Madison is from Woodhall, Brooklyn. Her mother is from America and her father is from Germany, her family lives in many different places. Madison’s favorite subjects in school are math and science, outside of school she loves to sing, dance, and play soccer. This quarter Madison decided to take step because she was looking to try something new, and she already knows that step was a lot of fun last quarter. The part that she enjoys most about Art of Stepping is learning new codes and witnessing the process of how they are put together to create different beats. The goal for Madison is to become the best stepper she can be. Her teacher Miss Anna always makes sure that everyone is focused, and that fun is also incorporated into class and the routines. Madison would like to thank Remo for creating the Art of Stepping because she enjoys learning, creating, stepping and having fun.

Success Academy Harlem Centralwarren

Name: Jeniya Warren
Grade: 7th

Bio: Jeniya Warren was born and raised in Bronx, New York and have been stepping for 2 years now. Her first time stepping was with Art of Stepping and she loves everything about step. She believes that step is a fun challenge and it is different than other dance forms. She works hard everyday that she is in step and she will continue to grow as a stronger stepper.

daijSoundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship

Name: Daijah Deas
Grade: 7th

Bio: Daijah Deas attends Sound View Academy and she has been stepping for a year and a half. She started stepping with Art of Stepping and she loves the energy that it brings out of her. Ultimately she wants to learn everything she can about step and get stronger. She believes step will also help her with Basketball because it keeps her active and it build her endurance up. She wants to continue to take step to help her get into college.

Succes Academy Harlem Eastjim

Name: Jimmoi Roach
Grade: 5th

Bio: Jimmoi Roach is the current Captain of East Harlem Success Academy. He was born and raised in New York, New York with a family background stemming from Trinidad and Tobago. He decided to join the AOS program because stepping is something he’s always admired and is truly passionate about. One of the reasons he loves the Art of Stepping Program is because it allows him to learn complex movements and beats in a way that is easier to understand. When he isn’t stepping he enjoys playing sports and his favorite subject in school is science. Jimmoi wants to continue to learn even harder beats and looks forward to competing at the AOS 2S competition. His passion for learning, stepping and leading is why he is a great scholar and our Student Of The Month.

Success Academy Harlem North Central

Name: Rory Glover
Grade: 6th

Bio: Rory Glover is strong 6th grade stepper. She has a great personality. She always pushes her self to do better than expected. She is an amazing leader She always take on the responsibility to help and push others to succeed. I always know I can count on Rory to be a leader of a group of students when I am transitioning around the class to other students.

Success Academy Harlem West

Name: Jeniece Thomasjenth
Grade: 6th

Bio: Meet Success Academy Harlem West student of the month Jeniece Thomas. Jeniece is in the 6th grade and is from Harlem New York. She is always a leader in the classroom by being on time, prepared, and setting a positive example for her peers. Her focus and ability to pick up movement quickly is phenomenal. Jeniece’s favorite part of stepping is learning new beats. She says she looks forward to, “free styling so if I am put on the spot I can battle somebody.” Her drive and desire to succeed will take her far.

Democracy Prep High Schoolsd

Name: Saniyah Dawson
Grade: 9th

Bio: When Saniyah Dawson found out about AOS, she this is was something she wanted to do. Saniyah loves to step and has been stepping since the 2nd grade. When Saniyah is in class she is very focused and does not like to give up. Even if she does not get it right away, she will keep practicing until she gets it. When her classmates are ready to give up, she is the one that gives her classmates encouragement to keep trying and she works with them until they get it correctly. Giving up is never her answer.

Bronx River High Schoolam

Name: Alyssa Molina
Grade: 6th

Bio: Alyssa Molina always comes into class with her game face. Alyssa always makes sure that her team members are doing what they are supposed to do. If she sees one of her teammates struggling with a step, she would fix it immediately. The reason she joined AOS was because she loves to step and the competitions. She feels that AOS is the reason that keeps a smile on her face every day

Success Academy Bronx 2mm

Name: Mariah Montes
Grade: 6th

Bio: Mariah Montes favorite subject is math. When she found out Art of Stepping is based on mathematical formulas, this drew her attention. Mariah is another student who loves to step. When she comes in she is ready to learn. If she feels one of her classmates are behind in something she would make it her priority to make sure they are on the same pace to move on. Mariah has found respect for stepping, since starting AOS.

freddam Success Academy Bronx 2: Middle School

Name: Frederica Dampson
Grade: 6th

Bio: Frederica Dampson comes to class on time every class. When she comes to class, she is always ready to learn something new. Since Frederica found out about the competition she has been practicing nonstop. Stepping is something that has become one of her hobbies that she loves. Frederica feels like stepping is the best way to express her feelings.

nykagrEast Harlem Scholars Academy

Name: Nykarra Graham
Grade: 5th

Bio: Nykarra Graham is currently in the 5th grade. She loves to be in her English Language Arts class, but most of all, she loves to step. She joined the Art of Stepping because of the beats she’s seen and heard. Currently she loves Jasmine Beat the most because its the most technical and the most complicated. Nykarra has worked very hard to learn Jasmine beat this month and has consistently outperformed her fellow scholars this month.

zan bate

Garfield Middle School

Name: Zaniyah Bateman
Grade: 4th
Bio: Zaniyah Bateman was chosen as the student of the month for active dedication and commitment to learning new routines, always come to class prepared, demonstrates being a team player, stays focused and never gives up. Zaniyah was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Garfield. She is in the 4th grade and attends Garfield Middzan batele School. She joined the Art of Stepping because she loves to step and dance. Zaniyah aspires to be a professional dancer when she gets older.
STUDENT OF THE MONTH - December 2015

richirdEast Harlem Scholars Academy

Name: Richird Benitez
Grade: 5th
Bio: Richird Benitez is currently in the fifth grade. He has been a part of our program for a year and a half now. Richird is one of the best in our class and is always excited to step. He is constantly practicing beats taught to him. But when he isn’t, he loves to be outside and stay active by playing soccer or basketball.

alvaroSuccess Academy – Harlem Northwest

Name: Alvaro Crawford

Grade: 6th
Bio: Alvaro Crawford is an example of a leader with a positive attitude. He started the Art of Stepping Program during the second quarter. He has the passion to be an Architecture Engineer. Alvaro Crawford was a huge assets to this program this quarter. He perform at the Barclay Center this year with the After School Program and Pro Division being the face for his school Harlem Northwest.

kamarSuccess Academy Bronx 2: Middle School

Name: Kamar Farquhar
Grade: 6th
Bio: Majority of the time when Kamar comes to class, he always has a new idea in step that he wants to share. He comes to class every day and on time ready to step. When he notices that someone is struggling he would take it upon himself to help that person to make sure they have it correctly. Kamar’s mother confirmed to me how he practices outside of the program. His mother told me that all Kamar does is step all over the house and always wants to show her the new step he learned or that he made up on his own. Kamar Farquhar takes step very seriously.

Larissa McFaddenAchievement Prep

Name: Larissa McFadden
Grade: 5th
Bio: Larissa is another quiet one but she knows her stuff. She practices her steps so she can be on point giving full extensions and level changes. Though quiet, she volunteered for a speaking part in our performance. She was given a chance to make a call and during practice, we weren’t so sure if she could handle it. Little did we know during the performance, she did a great job in projecting her voice. We look forward to seeing more of Larissa’s performance personality as we continue practice and performing.

Saniya Abdul-HaaqAchievement Prep

Name: Saniya Abdul-Haaq
Grade: 5th
Bio: Saniya has shown great improvement and dedication to stepping. Each week she comes in showing that she is constantly improving her skills. There is no doubt of her passion for step. Her hard work and dedication led her to holding a lead role in her class performance. We look forward to seeing Saniya’s leadership skills grow as we move forward in our program next year.

Jamiya PughAchievement Prep

Name: Jamiya Pugh
Grade: 4th
Bio: Jamiya is a quiet student, but she speaks with her stepping. Jamiya picks up on beats and our system very quickly. She takes the beats learned and performs full out, utilizing the principles of stepping she has learned to do her best. There is a lot of potential for Jamiya and we can’t wait to work with her again next session.
STUDENT OF THE MONTH – November 2015

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSuccess Academy – Midtown West

Name: Kevaya Bowles
Grade: 5th
Bio: Meet Kevaya Bowles who attends Midtown West Success Academy. Her parents are from New York and Puerto Rico. She enjoys the freedom and electives that her school has to offer, which is how she came to love Art of Stepping. Art of Stepping is one of her electives that allows her to do the things she enjoy which are step, dance, and just overall releasing pent up energy. Kevaya is currently Captain of the Midtown West Step Team and enjoys her role because she is able to help out both the coach and her fellow teammates. Her ability to learn quickly while having fun makes her a valuable member of the team.

Michelle PearsonAchievement Prep Middle School Campus (Washington DC)

Name: : Michele Pearson Grade: 6th grade Since day one of the Art of Stepping Program at Achievement Prep Middle School Campus, Michelle, has had 100% attendance. In addition, she always comes to class prepared, dressed down with sneakers and ready to learn the next beat. It is apparent that Michelle practices every lesson we have when she goes home, as each session she only shows improvement. Michelle has shown leadership; by helping her classmates if they are confused as well as volunteering to do stretches, demonstrating beats and writing information on the board. Michelle is a fast learner and has been picking up on the REMO system very nicely. We cannot wait to see how much more growth she exhibits for the duration of the program. We are excited to present her as Student of The Month!


 KatelynSuccess Academy – Harlem Central Name: : Katelyn Perez Grade: 5th grade Katelyn has been a member of the Art of Stepping after school program starting this quarter and she has been an asset to the class. Although her passion lies with dance she realized shortly how much she enjoyed stepping because of how discipline it is. Taking an enrichment class this early she understand the commitment of arriving on time, paying attention and practicing so she commits to it 100%. This month she was chosen because of her hard work and dedication. It has been both an honor and a privilege to have such a well rounded student.   jayden somSuccess Academy – Midtown

Name: Anthony Morales (Jayden)
Grade: 5th
Bio: Anthony Morales, who goes by the nickname Jayden, attends Midtown West Success Academy. Jayden’s family is from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and they all reside in New Jersey. Jayden loves to play chess and is actually preparing for Nationals as we speak! As a team member of AOS Midtown West, Jayden has played an active role in helping his teammates learn Step. His favorite part about Stepping is the fact that he can learn new Step movements very quickly. Jayden has been a true asset to his team and has been voted as Team Captain by a majority vote. Jayden maintains a great aura of athleticism, discipline, and leadership. Currently he is on hiatus doing Chess tournaments, but he will be back in the third quarter to perform for Spring!

IMG_20151031_131459Success Academy – Harlem West

Name: Miaje Coleman
Grade: 6th
Bio: Miaje has been a leader and a positive example to her classmates at Harlem West. She is always focused and in position and has shown a tremendous amount of dedication. She says she loves Step because it allows her to express her feelings. Her consistency and precision will take her very far.
STUDENT OF THE MONTH – September 2015

katherineSuccess Academy – Midtown West Name: : Katherine Rivera Grade: 5th Katherine’s family is from Colombia and Puerto Rico, and Katherine herself is a native of America. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and Science, and she wants to be an Astronaut when she gets older. On her spare time, Katherine likes to play “HangGlider”, a mind game, on her tablet. Katherine has shown rapid and amazing progress in her Step Elective and maintains a great aura of enthusiasm, discipline, and leadership. She looks forward to performing for AOS and showing everyone what she has learned.   photo_1Success Academy – Harlem East

Name : Daezha James
Grade: 6th
Daezha, a new member of the Art of Stepping after school program,  has been exceeded agency standards this month.  She is extremely cooperative, actively participates, and takes initiative to be a team player. She was chosen as student of the month for her consistent hard work and dedication in this program.

Public School 161 Name: Jada Maurice Jada is always on time for class and prepared becoming a role model to the class. She ensures her homework, for step as well as other academics, is complete to the best of her ability. As a stepper, Jada has grown so much in the art form of stepping. We are excited to watch her progress over the next few months and honored to have such a talented student be a part of our AOS family. Success Academy – Harlem North West Name: Alexa Torres Alex is has been an example to follow and we are excited that she is a member of the Art of Stepping Program. Currently in the 5th grade, Alexa is not only a hard worker but she is also willing to help others and make sure the team is on one accord. We commend Alexa for always keeping a positive attitude even when things may seem crazy and out of order. Not only is she a leader, she poses the strength power and wisdom to carry the team to greatness, never let her pint size foul you because she packs a larger than life punch. With this, we are proud to honor her as student of the month. Academy for Public Relations Name: Genesis Hernandez Always ready for practice and eager to take on any opportunity when it comes her way, Genesis is an example to follow. She shows so much dedication and appreciation for The Art of Stepping who can see that it resonates to the classroom. Her passion for step is amazing and shows at every practice/performance. We are so proud and honored to have her as my student. Genesis is definitely one of our Most Valuable Members of the program at the school.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH - December 2014

Girls Preparatory Lower East Side Middle School Jessily Name: Jessily Cruz  Grade: 6th Grade Jessily has only been attending Art of Stepping classes for one month, a month after the class started. She started as a latecomer, but she has quickly become one of our best steppers. She genuinely loves stepping and is always willing to learn everything there is to know. She always practices to make sure she is able to do everything and offers help to her classmates who are in need. She dedicates herself to becoming the best at what she does. She is a hard-working individual and a great teammate.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH - November 2014

Girls Preparatory Lower East Side Middle School NataliahName: Nataliah Garrick   Grade: 6th Grade Nataliah has been stepping with the Art of Stepping for only two months. From the start of class, she was eager and excited to learn everything that was being taught to her. She was not confident in her abilities at first, but she has been giving a lot of her time and effort to become a better stepper. She attends extra classes, seeks extra help, and fully participates in every class. She has shown true sportsmanship and is a great example of what you can do when you put your mind to it!


Antoinette WilsonSatellite Academy High School  - New York Name: Antoinette Wilson   Grade: 12th Antoinette Wilson has been in my step class since the beginning of the year. She has shown me amazing dedication to stepping. She goes above and beyond when it comes to learning beats, creating her own and taking direction. I see nothing but great potential in her.   The College Academy – New York Name: Aliyah Goodwin   Grade: 10thAliyah Aliyah Says ” I love stepping. At first when AOS was introduced to my school, I was excited. When I saw the use of codes I was a little iffy and a little intimidated because I didn’t think I would be able to remember them. But now, I find them useful and easy and I love that I can make my own beat just by putting a few codes together. I also love the confused look on my friend’s faces when they see me actually “reading” step. Overall AOS is a great experience that I’m glad I got into!” Aliyah is always ready and willing to learn even if she is the only one there. She takes initiative in creating her own beats and making it her own. ArkeyName: Arkey Barnett     Grade: 12th Arkey shows outstanding dedication to Step. He has been a very valuable member to the team. When he had to be absent from practice, he took it upon himself to create his own beat over a break and send me the codes. Arkey is very attentive at practice and is a faster learner. From the start he did not know much, but he picked up codes very quickly, understand the concepts as well has great precision.


Achievement First Brooklyn High School  - New York Name: Tyra Jabateh     Grade: 10th Tyra has had very good attendance since day one. Even if she had to be late to practice for any reason, she made sure it was known. She comes in energized and ready to go. From the beginning to now, Tyra’s stepping has improved, as well as ideas and understanding of the Remo system. She brings a good presence as well as many ideas to the team, as well as taking initiative when needed during practice. Satellite Academy High School – New York Name: Rio Bustamante (WHAM)     Grade: 10th Wham came into this class with no prior knowledge of stepping. From the beginning he has been more than ready and willing to learn. Every class he goes above and beyond to learn the codes and any beats that I have to offer. He can go through the whole period without taking breaks even when everyone else has one. And he is also very precise. If he doesn’t know something, he asks questions and is always seeking knowledge to perfect his step. Bronx Collegiate Academy - New York Name: Shakye Ford     Grade: 10thBCA Shakye Ford is a hard working and enthusiastic young lady. She comes into every class with a smile and ready to work hard. It makes me smile each day she comes in well prepared with each routine memorized, and with questions in hand. A hard-working student in school, dance, and wrestling. You can tell she has a passion for all she does. I plan to see her go far in life. 


Achievement First Brooklyn High School - New YorkShaniya Name: Shaniya Morris     Grade: 10th Shaniya has shown true dedication to the step team. She makes her time useful in learning each new beat and asking for help in anything she feels she needs clarity in. If for any reason she cannot be at practice she makes sure her instructor knows why and picks right back up on what she missed at next practice. She says “I believe step is awesome. Step is like a new way for kids, like me to express themselves. The codes that we use have changed the way of thinking of step for me by helping me be more creative. Also, remembering what I have created. It also has helped me to open my eyes to new things involving step.” Bronx Collegiate Academy - New YorkBCA Name: Shakye Ford     Grade: 10th Serving in her sophomore year, she is 15 years old and is a wrestler.  This year is her first year of  stepping and she loves it even more. It has inspired her to try out for captain next year. This amazing year has made her want to work harder and help others to improve and become better in everything that they do. It has been a pleasure having her on the team.   DeniseBronx Collegiate Academy – New York Name: Denise Fernandez       Grade: 11th Denise is 15 years old and attends Bronx Collegiate Academy. She is currently in the 11th and is on both the BCA Dance and Step team. Working with Denise as a dancer, I saw her grow each week. She went above and beyond in order to perfect her knowledge of the choreography and asked all questions to ensure her success on the stage. Her attitude is impeccable, as she is always a team player and tries to help out her fellow team whenever possible. Denise is a quick learner and a talented dancer. But we all know hard work beats talent any day – and her work ethic is just as impressive as her dance skills. Her personality is vibrant and diligent, making her an epitome of an individual destined for success. The College Academy – New York Name: Crystal Christian     Grade: 12th This is Crystal’s first year in AOS Step Program and she has never stepped before. In a short month’s time Crystal has learned the REMO system and even created her own beat. She comes to practice ready and willing to learn. She has also been doing a tremendous job in training her mind to follow the rules of step. She has nothing but potential!


Achievement First Brooklyn High School - New York Name: D’Asia Cruz     Grade: 10th D’Asia has yet to miss a day of practice. She is really good with her level changes as well as grasping codes/ beats. She also does well in remembering movements of both the body and the head when needed. She has been making great overall progress as a stepper.   20131120_155817Garfield Middle School – New Jersey Name: Johannie Jiminian Santos     Grade: 6th Is a 1st time student to the Art of Stepping after school program at Garfield Middle School. Since she has joined the program she has been dedicated to not only learn the craft but to have a better understanding by studying outside of practice. Additionally she has been a great compliment to the team due to her patience and outgoing personality which creates a great balance to the team. For this reason we are excited to have her be the student of the month   BJhonnyronx Collegiate Academy - New York Name: Jhonny JR Alfonseca Cruz     Grade: 12th He is sixteen (16) years old and attend Bronx Collegiate Academy where he is currently in the 12 grade.  Additionally he is  the captain of the BCA step team as well as currently the champions of the  Youth Step Championship – Eastern Region. In everything that he does, AOS has taught him to be excellent in order to accomplish high rewards. When you get to know him, you will see that he is the life of the party because of his vibrant personality. Founder Jessica ‘REMO” Saul and AOS have made such an impression on him that she is a big reason why he was able to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally in life as a young adult. She has showed him that success does not only take challenge but that it also takes integrity to know what life will put out there.   ShondraNoble Street Charter School - Illinois Name: Shondra Lesley     Grade: 10th Shondra is not only a great dancer and stepper, but she is also great academically. She has managed to keep up with all of her academic mandates all while learning rigorous routines in her dance and Art of Stepping classes. This is her first year in Art of Stepping and has already mastered the REMO system, Vitruvian Man and has contributed to the creation of our new beat, Raja Beat! Shondra  is a fast learner and a strong leader; she is always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers.     NaomiSatellite Academy High School – New York Name: Naomi Cruz     Grade: 12th Naomi has grown significantly this month in her mentality as well as her personal stepping. She comes to class knowing exactly what she needs to do. She tries her best to get her class together as well as call formation and count down for any beats or drills we are practicing that day. This is why I appointed her to be team captain. On top of that she does her best fulfilling her duties by calling the class together and helping students learn any step that they missed or didn’t pick up.


Etije WalkerAchievement First Brooklyn High School - New York Name: Etije Walker                   Grade: 11th Etije (Pronounced E- Tie) is 15 years old turning 16 on Christmas Eve. From the beginning she has shown dedication. She makes it her mission to get the most of the two hours. On top of her getting the step herself she takes initiative in calling out Formation when everyone starts talking a little too much to shut them up and she counts down to start getting everyone doing whatever beat we are practicing. Also she took it upon herself to pull a student to the side to teach him a step he missed. She does this without me telling her to do so.   Antoinette WilsonAlexaTorressHNWSatellite Academy High School - New York Name: Antoinette Wilson          Grade: 12th Antoinette Wilson is 17 years old. She enjoys step. Even when the rest of the class was uncooperative she participated in every single session. She grasps steps and even if she doubts herself in learning a particular step she keeps going and gives it a chance.