Teaching the Art of Stepping™ through Mathematical Formulas


AOS Programs consist of our three (3) divisions, AOS After-School , AOS Professional Step Teams and AOS Events.

AOS After-School

Our after-school program is a tested curriculum that teaches step through mathematical formulas.

  • AOS Techniques 101

  • Mathematics to Stepping

  • AOS Showcase

AOS Techniques – There are two formats of learning for people to understand and catch a beat: Counts and Sounds. Both are equally the same but counts will always ensure that everyone is together on the same movement and positioning. Students will learn the basic fundamental techniques, from body positioning to hand movements, to help establish the foundation.

Mathematics to Stepping  The Art of Stepping™ principles are built on the understanding that every beat and movement creates a sound that can be documented to ensure accuracy and precision. Using mathematics, we have created a grid with basic codes and formulas that are set as the building blocks for our system.

AOS Showcase – Upon the completion of the program, each student will showcase  what they a have learned utilizing the mathematical system that was provided.


AOS Professional Step Team

We have established professional step teams across the Nation. Our professional step team members are dedicated to promoting the art of stepping among their communities by participating in local exhibitions and competitions, hosting their own shows, and working to expand our after-school program. We currently have professional teams in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, and New Jersey.