7th Annual HUIC – 2017 STEAM Conference

June 2, 2017


AOS selected to present a workshop at the 7th Annual Hawaii University International 2017 STEAM Conference during the week of June 5, 2017 – June 10, 2017.  The Hawaii Education and STEAM Conference promotes an academia well versed in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Education which is a key portion of the public education agenda of the United States. The conference intends to stimulate competitiveness and our nation’s future economic prosperity through encouraging and inspiring more of our best and brightest academics in the study of Education and STEAM fields.

Many successful Educational and Business conferences are held in Honolulu’s hotels and the new Honolulu Hawaii Convention Center. This gathering place serves as a platform for academicians, researchers and professionals worldwide.

AOS presented its award winning STEAM program to more that 100 participants in its workshops! The participants consisted of academicians, educators, educational administration/faculty and sports/nutrition professionals.  According to its founder, Mrs. Jessica Saul, “Hawaii with its natural beauty and inspiring environment is the perfect setting to motivate those in the STEAM fields to think with their heads in the cloud as it signals nothing is impossible when it get comes to getting individuals to be active in mind & body”.  AOS was honored to be a presenter and looks forward to more conferences like the annual HUIC STEAM conference.

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